September 12, 2018

ssd solution chemical for sale

Ssd solution chemical for sale, where to buy ssd chemical solution

Ssd solution chemical for sale, where to buy ssd chemical solution


Sdd solution chemical for sale, where to buy ssd chemical solution

New Tech Laboratory ® is a multi-program international Chemical laboratory operated by authorized worldwide Science Associates. The Company has followed a path of continuing expansion and now has offices in different countries globally. Hence, From these locations we are able to offer our services worldwide using the finest money clean solution chemicals in manufacturing the latest SSD SOLUTION and liquid mercury , for carrying out financial monetary cleaning transaction more effectively from its black states to original white color state before being used as a legal tender.


New Tech Laboratory uses the same high technology preservation technique to preserve huge amounts of money eliminating the constant risk of organized criminal interception activities such as Armed Robbery and Hi-jacking en-route to clients desired locations. With intimate and supporting supplier relationships, we are the preferred SSD SOLUTION CHEMICAL manufacturing company globally for reliable,cost effective and efficient service. We appreciate the importance of delivering on time and on budget and we abide by it.


Pure SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK NOTES. products with key specialization in the production of S.S.D Automatic solution . We Sale Chemicals SSD Solution like Vectrol paste, Tebi-Manetic solution,Castro X oxide ,activation powder for cleaning all kinds of deafced currency based on the year of the money.

I would say that SSD Chemical Solution A compound of Mercury Mercuric Nitric dioxide liquid.(brown in color) manufactured under patented right from Novak International Laboratories Switzerland

Highly poisonous Mercury Mercuric polyhydroxydine dioxide liquid known as mercury dioxide- brown liquid is insoluble in water and is used in removing the anti breeze on the face of any currency note, giving the notes back its original colors. It can turns white negatives black before the chemical change is effected to turn into its original form. Its a key ingredient in minting industry We offer them in approved packaging thus assuring of transport and storage as they are very sensitive and require special handling

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